RM Interiors Launches Independent Flooring Product Line ‘RMX’ Reinforcing 2020 Growth

Phoenix, AZ, August 19, 2020 – RM Interiors (Rmiflooring.com), a national full-service flooring installation and cleaning company, has partnered with a leading U.S.-based manufacturer to create and release their own line of flooring materials. The new product line, titled and branded ‘RMX’, includes various mid-grade carpet and vinyl flooring options designed for the rental and investment property industries, RMI’s primary customers. For RM Interiors, the move comes just months after rolling out a newly engineered tech platform to increase internal job flow efficiency and is part of larger expansion strategies taking place in 2020. 

“RMX is a natural next step for us as a provider,” said Mark Wagner, CEO of RM Interiors. “Everything that has happened this year has given us an opportunity to step back and assess ourselves as a company and reevaluate how we can best serve our customers. We’ve made our processes more efficient, expanded our markets and services, and now we’re adding a line of products that will allow our partners to be more competitive while providing their customers more value. It’s a natural progression for us a partner.” 

The RMX product launch is a catalyst in RMI’s growth strategy for 2020, which includes integrating new warehouse locations, expanding carpet cleaning services nationwide, and growing their field staff by more than 20%.

“The RMX line immediately creates an opportunity for our current and future clients to add value to their projects,” said Cooper Wagner, Head of Business Development. “We’ve been able to reduce cost while maintaining the RMI standard of quality and that’s very exciting for us. I really believe the path that we are paving with our manufacturing partners is helping push our industry forward.” 

RMX pricing and samples are available and can be acquired through www.rmiflooring.com/rmx. Products are available for install or material-only purchase at any of RMI’s satellite locations.

About RM Interiors

RM Interiors, also known as RMI Flooring, is currently one of the fastest growing flooring installation and carpet cleaning providers in the country, operating in 15 states with plans to expand by the end of 2020. They offer consumer retail locations in nine major markets while the majority of business is done with REIT, iBuy, property management, and residential construction accounts in single and multifamily rental markets across the United States. For more information, visit www.rmiflooring.com.

RMI Holds First ‘March Madness’ Public Speaking Tournament

Public speaking is widely accepted as one of the biggest fears of people across the world. Quoting our mission statement “We are more than a flooring company, we are a place to learn and a place to grow. RMI is in the business of creating opportunities..and building leaders..” Our founders Mark and Rick Wagner saw an opportunity to give our employees a chance to step out of their comfort zones by organizing a public speaking tournament.

The tournament was a head-to-head bracket style competition. Each speech was 2-3 minutes long and centered on our FITT Values (Forward Thinking, Integrity, Teachable, Teamwork). Each week for a month we brought in judges from the community and held speech competitions that included anyone and  everyone who wanted to participate from the owners of the company to field account managers and warehouse workers. At the end of the month, the final five employees each gave a 5 minute speech for an $800 cash prize and a trophy!

Alexia Diaz, one of our corporate account managers, was the winner of the tournament! She exemplifies our FITT values and our mission statement that “We are more than a flooring company, we are a place to learn and a place to grow. RMI is in the business of creating opportunities, building leaders, and redefining what it means to be a flooring partner.”