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3 Fool-Proof Solutions for Property Managers and Apartment Communities

At RM Interiors, we work with a wide array of property managers and apartment communities. While installing flooring in their units and homes, we’ve become familiar with what makes a community great. We’ve identified 3 simple but strong solutions to the most stressful issues you encounter as a property manager.

Spruce Up Your Scenery

What it does: Adds value to the community, improves image and reputation.

Investing in the look and feel of your community atmosphere can transform a tenant’s experience. Offer variety. From nature and trees, to a renovated dog park or outdoor area, to an updated gym or a revamped monthly newsletter. Encourage tenants to take advantage of what their living space has to offer. Resident satisfaction will increase, and your renewal rates will follow.

Scheduling regular maintenance and upkeep, planting shrubs and flowers, and installing new features seasonally are simple ways to meet this goal and uplift your tenants. Small, creative improvements can make a drastic difference without blowing your budget.

Turn/Renovation Calendars are Your Best Friend

What it does: Saves time, reduces cost, avoids missed deadlines

When it comes to getting your turns completed on time, creating a calendar can prevent the majority of common mishaps. We all know the struggle of wondering when a project will be finished and that problem is only magnified by having multiple contractors scheduled to handle different jobs within the same unit. By expanding your calendar and sharing it with your team and your contractors, everyone can stay in loop with updated timelines and schedules in real time. Ensuring your rentals are ready for new leases will increase your tenant satisfaction from day one.

Our team at RM Interiors takes flooring seriously. We work with every client, from inquiry to installation, with open communication to meet quick timelines. We make sure your floors are renter ready, with an emphasis on quality, every time.

Our carpet cleaning services are industry leading, with truck mounted cleaning machines and professional technicians.

Getting started is simple; our team is ready to learn more about your projects. Contact us to learn more.

Offer Monthly Events and Activities What it does: Improves community morale, lowers stress, encourages lease renewal. There is a holiday or fun activity every month, which makes monthly celebrations a cinch. It may seem like a time consuming task, but planning the next 4 months of community events saves time in the long run. Community events and activities increase morale and provide renters a chance to get to know their management company and their neighbors. Better relationships within your community will lead to greater tenant satisfaction.

Choose simple or elaborate events based on your team and capacity. It can be as small as an email requesting for your community to get involved – such as sending photos of their pets or favorite animals for National Pet Day – or as large as hosting a coffee and donut station in the leasing office on National Coffee Day. Many communities set out goodie bags as a low-maintenance option that’s always a crowd pleaser.

We’ve worked with thousands of single family and multifamily property managers and residential communities just like you. We specialize in rapid, flawless turns and renovations for every client. Chat with a member of the RMI team today and get your quote – we’ll be at the property tomorrow.

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