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Is Winter the Best Time to Install Flooring? Here’s Why.

At RM Interiors, we install flooring year round for a wide variety of single-family and multi-family housing clients in different cities nationwide. We’ve seen it all.

We work with industry giants like OpenDoor and Invitation Homes daily on fulfilling their flooring needs on turns and renovations.

When it comes to floors, and how to install them quickly and flawlessly, we’re the MVP in the game.

Embarking on planning and scheduling your next turn can feel daunting. With dozens of factors to consider and larger dollar amounts on the scope of work, every aspect of your plan can make or break the result.

Flooring is a major pain point for many managers and contractors; finding the right balance between price, timeliness of install, and quality of the material itself will save you from re-dos and delays on completion.

With all of that in mind, something as simple as the time of year that you install your flooring can make a huge difference. Scheduling a Winter installation can prevent some potential flaws and ensure the end result is flawless.

We’re here to help; here’s three reasons why winter is a great time to install flooring for turns:

Humidity is low When temperatures drop, the humidity in the air often follows. This helps vinyl flooring to properly acclimate, and install beautifully. With less moisture in the air and in the subfloor, your floors will be solid, stable, and avoid trapped water and mold.

The lifetime of your floors will be markedly longer when they’re installed with mildew-free results. You’ll get it done faster During the Spring and Summer, installers are in their busy seasons. There are projects backed up that need completing on tight deadlines. During late Fall and Winter, the urgency slows down and the schedule opens up.

You’re more likely to get your long list of turns completed sooner, and on days that work better for you, during the chilly months. Floors will lay correctly Many clients of ours have had flooring installed during the Summer, and are surprised when tenants report that those beautiful floors have hairline (or larger) gaps due to its response to the weather. Heat naturally expands materials, leading a fully covered floor to look less than perfect.

Flooring needs to be acclimated when its cold outside as well, but in markets where temperatures are moderate in the winter, it is prime installation season. In those markets, installing in the Winter will help you avoid any warps or shifting your floors may experience otherwise. RM Interiors has the best teams across the country, ready to execute turns rapidly and complete renovations flawlessly. Reach out to our sales team to schedule your projects and we’ll be at the property tomorrow. Contact Us

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