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RM Interiors Releases New Glue-Down Vinyl Plank Flooring Line

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

RM Interiors Releases New Glue-Down LVP Flooring Line October 4, 2022

RM Interiors, leading flooring installation company, boasts new product offering for mid-grade, high performing vinyl plank with innovative glue-down installation technology.

In November 2022, RM Interiors (RMI) will be launching their newest LVP flooring line. Considering product and freight costs have increased by more than 60% in the last 2 years, finding a sustainable resource with consistent pricing is paramount.

Taken from creative innovation and answering the need for more affordable, high-performing materials, RMI is excited to provide the perfect solution.

Introducing the 2022 RMX Glue-Down LVP, vinyl plank flooring designed for the rental industry at pricing that hasn’t been seen since 2019.

Made to the same specifications as their current RMX offering, the updated glue-down LVP has a variety of advantages and improvements.

More Affordable

This new product line boasts a higher performance than sheet vinyl, comparable to vinyl plank flooring, without the expense of floating vinyl plank.

RM Interiors passes the savings onto you, saving up to 25% on material cost.

Easy to Install

Due to an increase in plank size, RM Interiors’ installation teams are able to cover square footage more quickly, decreasing install time drastically. The new planks are 7x48 inches, a 17% larger plank than the previous RMX plank offering.

The update is perfect for investment properties and multi-family housing communities seeking modern materials and quick turns.

Created for the Real Estate Investment Industry

RMI has been granted exclusive access to the new line of LVP to use with their property management and maintenance partners across the country.

With a 6mil wear layer and updated visuals, it provides more protection against wear and tear and a look that will help units lease.

Modern Colors and Designs

Ensure your units and projects are appealing to the eye with colors that are in demand. This collection features both classic and updated designs for any need.

It’s available in 6 unique visuals that vary in wood type and color.

RM Interiors has opened up a waitlist to be notified when this material is available. Submit your email address and you will be among the first to be alerted.


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