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RM Interiors: Flooring Solutions for Dynamic Housing Markets

RM Interiors Housing Market Coverage
RM Interiors Housing Market Coverage

US News just released their Top 20 Hottest Housing Markets in the US, spanning states including Colorado, North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Georgia, Virginia, Oregon and Arizona. Markets are ranked according to buyer demand, affordability, and availability of diverse amenities.


Good news for single family and multifamily owners and managers - RMI services 17 of this year’s top 20 markets, providing flooring solutions in thousands of homes across these areas every year. Our offerings cover all of the markets listed in Colorado, as well as North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Arizona. We’ve been addressing the flooring needs of these regions for years.


Our commitment to professionalism, reliability, and efficiency aligns perfectly with the demands of these markets. We deliver timely solutions and consistent service to owners, manager, builders, and contractors contributing to the growth of the housing markets in communities we serve.


For more information on this year’s top housing markets, click here.


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