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RMI Employee Spotlight: Kristine Andrewson, Phoenix, AZ

Welcome to another edition of RMI Employee Spotlight! This week, we’re highlighting Kristine Andrewson, our rockstar Director of Human Resources! She shares her valuable insight on why RM Interiors is a unique and valuable company in the flooring industry, and how we invest in our people with every step.

Get to know Kristine and her advice on the best secret that Arizona has – its outdoor activities:

What is your role at RM Interiors? What is your favorite part of your job?

Director of Human Resources. My favorite part is that I get to be involved with the most important and valuable part of the company – our employees.

I love being able to help our team with various questions, motivation or supporting someone with their needs. Dealing with people also means elevating our culture. This has definitely been a fun and rewarding part of my role!

What is your favorite memory while working at RM Interiors?

This may seem a little silly, but about my third day with RMI I met with the Exec Team to discuss COVID and actions that RMI needed to take. I was sitting in the conference room next to Rick Wagner and we were not agreeing on some of my recommendations.

He turned to me and said, “If we are not agreeing on this, we may have a tussle,” and my return comment was, “Well then, I guess we are going to tussle.”

I want to emphasize the reason why I love this memory. First, it showed me that we could disagree on situations but still keep our humor. Secondly, it proved to me that we could have those open conversations. I didn’t have to be a “yes man” but could, with respect, “tussle” and come to a mutually agreeable conclusion.

It solidified my decision to join the RMI team.

Where do you see the trend in flooring going in the next year?

To be honest, I’m really not sure. I think that the more natural look will come back.

What do you think sets RM Interiors apart from other companies like us?

I absolutely believe it is our Core Values and the fact that we truly want our employees to learn and grow. Having Rick Yeatts on our team proves this. Our Tuesday zoom meetings, our employee library, coaching sessions, March Madness and our mission statement are just some of the avenues that lead our employees to improve themselves.

These are not just items that we have put in place to make the company look good but are actions that have been carried out by RMI leaders for our employees. It definitely supports our culture.

What is a hidden gem in your city that everyone should check out?

I have not lived in the Phoenix area long enough to find the hidden gems, but I love all the hiking, 4-wheeling and the various ecosystems in Arizona. I love being outdoors and the peacefulness of the mountains!

We did find a little hidden café we like for breakfast and if you are in the mood for a treat, you definitely need to try Gelato Dolce Vita in Mesa. Delicious!

When it comes to flooring, do you prefer warm or cool tones?

Funny how our styles change. Five years ago, I would have said definitely warm. Now I tend to like the neutral to cool tones.

What do you wish more people knew about the flooring industry?

All of the different options for design and for what works best in certain rooms. Before working at RMI, my flooring knowledge was slim (pretty much Lowe’s), but there are so many days that I walk through the showroom and have to stop and look at all of the beautiful samples.

Also, how talented our sales team are! They really help our customers envision their remodel or new home along with answering so many questions.

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