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RMI Employee Spotlight: Sarah Vito, Denver, CO

Welcome back to another edition of the RM Interiors Employee Spotlight!

We’re introducing you to one of our Denver, Colorado team members – Sarah Vito! She is the general manager and passionate about leading people.

Learn more about Sarah’s favorite RM Interiors memory, where she sees the flooring industry going, and her input on the famous “warm or cool” debate in interiors:

What is your role at RM Interiors? What is your favorite part of your job?

General Manager at the Denver, Colorado RM Interiors office. [I am] building a team of employees and installers that feel like family.

What is your favorite memory while working at RM Interiors?

Jake Larson made me car sick every time he offered to drive!

Where do you see the trend in flooring going in the next year?

Up, up and away!

What do you think sets RM Interiors apart from other companies like us?

We have a great culture full of people with ambitions that drive our company to success.

What is a hidden gem in your city that everyone should check out?

Garden of the Gods Visitor and Nature Center in Colorado Springs, CO.

When it comes to flooring, do you prefer warm or cool tones?

Cool tones.

What do you wish more people knew about the flooring industry?

It is more than just laying new floors, we redesign safe spaces for kids and families to thrive in.

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