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RM Interiors Employee Spotlight: Tate Cullen, Phoenix AZ

Welcome to another edition of our employee spotlight at RM Interiors.

We are so proud of our team, and every person who makes the dream a reality every day. This post, we’re featuring Tate Cullen - Operations Analyst in Phoenix, Arizona; RM Interiors HQ.

He shares his favorite memory from the early days of RM Interior’s inception, as well as one aspect of the company culture that all of us really enjoy every week:

What is your role at RM Interiors? What is your favorite part of your job?

Operations Analyst. Honestly building relationships with our customers as well as anyone that joins the RMI team is my favorite part!

What is your favorite memory of working at RM Interiors?

As brutal as it may have been, I’ll never forget the times Mark, Rick, myself and whoever we could find to help us unload a truck with 60 rolls of carpet in the middle of the summer - with no loading dock!

Where do you see the trend in flooring going in the next year?

I feel more warmer grays, and lighter oak colors becoming more popular.

What do you think sets RM Interiors apart from other companies like us?

The integrity of our company is number one. The culture and atmosphere everybody brings to the table is amazing.

We have weekly meetings with our organizational coach, Rick Yeatts, where we collectively come together as a company and discuss topics that are beyond the work environment. This is unheard of elsewhere.

What is a hidden gem in your city that everyone should check out?

If you are into hiking and being outdoors there are so many beautiful canyons and trails up north you would never guess would be located in Arizona!

I had the opportunity to go canyoneering at West Clear Creek last August and it was the coolest thing I’ve ever experienced!

When it comes to flooring, do you prefer warm or cool tones?

I would definitely go with more warmer tones!

What do you wish more people knew about the flooring industry?

Flooring is an art. I don’t think people understand the complexity that goes into some of our projects.

I’ve had the opportunity to walk through a few high end projects where we’ve done showers and floors, and it’s mind blowing when you see the before and after! Our installers are true craftsmen.

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