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Top 5 Multi-Family Housing Trends for 2023

blue and orange apartment building with balconies

Scheduling, organizing, coordinating, updating – the busyness never ends for property managers! On top of the meticulous back end work, completing renovations and remodels for apartment units comes with a Pandora’s Box of tasks.

Trends, and tenants, change frequently which means communities that provide appealing and trendy apartment designs receive the most desired spot in renters’ minds. As we step into the final months of 2022, knowing what’s ahead can save you headaches and frustrations heading into the new year.

We’re letting you in on the hottest apartment trends for 2023, including interior design ideas and must-have apartment features:

Durable Vinyl Flooring As more renters are seeking their new home for the upcoming year, providing a hardy, yet affordable, vinyl floor can make the difference between acquiring a new resident and being looked over. With many renters transitioning to co-living with roommates, living with pets, and raising children, offering flooring that looks sophisticated and can hold up against wear and tear will increase your value for your future turns.

Our RMX LVP comes in a variety of visuals and textures to accommodate any design themes in your units and offers a long-standing material that will perform well for your residents.

Upscale Interiors on a Budget Renters are looking for beautiful homes; with more employees working from home and spending more and more of their time there, having beautiful design elements will drive your community to the top of the list of many potential tenants. Unique and innovative fixtures and additions for your interior design choices offer a stylized and exclusive impression for potential new residents.

Choices like open geometric shapes, vintage bronze, and graphite will be on trend, and avoid visible damage and wear from daily use.

Soft, Warm Tones Color trends over the past few years have been grays and neutral cool tones, offering a refined modern home experience for residents. This trend is seeing its way out, and warmer, gentle colors are coming back in. Think soft, muted lemon yellows, desaturated peach tones, and a mix of warm and cool neutrals to bridge the gap from moody to cheery. This is a positive change in trends as well; people are more likely to feel positive when surrounded by shades of yellow compared to shades of gray. Silver and gray appliances go great with the warm and cool combination colors, while light gold and white appliances will mesh with warmer tones easily.

Technology = New Leases It’s no surprise that virtual access for apartment and rental communities is currently the standard for potential residents. A web portal for payment and a website is not enough to drive interest in the modern day; implementing a text/SMS-based contact system for maintenance or management communication is a massive driver for today’s generation.

In addition, utilizing virtual tours via your website or direct FaceTime video calls can exponentially raise your chances of acquiring new tenants. Offering an immersive view of your amenities, with a personal touch, can make all the difference.

At RM Interiors, our team has shifted to a new software designed to directly connect our field teams, account managers, and installers. By allowing every step in the process to be recorded and available at all times, we’ve made our already speedy installations even faster and encouraged communication at every point in our projects. This has led to improved accuracy, exact inventory management, and boosted our ability to take on new projects quickly.

Communicate with an Inclusive Mindset

As the housing market continues to change in an unpredictable fashion, how you relate to your residents makes all the difference. As multiple generations of renters are now seeking multi-family housing for their homes, taking a universal perspective can create successful relations across the board. Take note of your promotional and internal language when emailing, calling, and notifying your residents.

A neutral approach will get your information across effortlessly and clearly. Choosing standard language and avoiding emojis, trendy phrases, and potentially confusing slang terms will inform all of your tenants and avoid miscommunication.

RM Interiors is here for your turns, remodels, and demo projects. Our team has perfected the art of a rapid installation from inquiry to completion. We service 16 major cities, and are continually growing across the United States.

Schedule a pre-walk with our team today!

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