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What Flooring is Best? 4 Ways to Decide.

As home markets are changing every hour, remodeling and renovation projects are still skyrocketing to meet the demand of renters, property managers, and tenants. Our teams at RM Interiors and Flooring have seen trends come and go, but one thing remains the same; clients need flooring options that meet their needs. Trying to decide which flooring is best for your home or interior projects? We’ve got the 4 most common factors that our clients consistently rely on for perfect results: Consider the foot traffic.

When installing carpet, vinyl, tile flooring, or any other material, each room has different features that can make or break a material type. Depending on the radial humidity levels, less porous materials like vinyl or tile are often used, while places of leisure like bedrooms and living areas often feature carpet. However, there are no set rules on bedrooms and living rooms; many homes use vinyl, tile, and even treated cement in their leisure rooms with success. Typically, stairs are carpeted for safety, however, stairs can be installed with vinyl. Trying to figure out which flooring is best for your bedroom, living room, and entire home? Here’s a breakdown of which rooms work best with each material type: Vinyl flooring

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Hallways

  • Living areas/front rooms

  • Offices

  • Dining rooms

Tile flooring

  • Bathrooms

  • Kitchens

  • Hallways

  • Dining rooms


  • Bedrooms

  • Stairs

  • Upstairs rooms

  • Living areas

Consider your budget. We’re all trying to save money when we can, and choosing a flooring option that meets your needs without breaking the bank is the key. Alternately, projects with a focus on specific materials, or a look and feel, can explore options at many price points. Large budget flooring options

  • Floating LVP

  • Tile

Medium budget flooring options

  • Floating LVP

  • Glue-down LVP flooring

Small budget flooring options

  • Sheet vinyl flooring

  • Carpet

Consider upkeep and maintenance. Flooring can look and feel beautiful in your home, but keeping the maintenance of that flooring in mind is vital.

Carpet is easy to install and somewhat durable. Maintenance includes regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning to ensure the health of the carpet lasts as long as possible.

Vinyl flooring is a more time-consuming installation process, but requires little upkeep and lasts longer than other flooring. Simple sweeping and regular mopping can maintain the floors perfectly.

Sheet vinyl shows wear and tear faster, while luxury vinyl plank flooring is incredibly strong and lasts longer.

Vinyl plank flooring is somewhere in the middle, offering easier installation at a lower price point with a lengthy lifespan in a home.

Consider your location. While every house has different family set ups, which can all determine what flooring works best, a final note should be taken for your environment. There are climate and temperature variances across the world, and utilizing those facts can ensure you choose flooring for your home that works. RM Interiors is headquartered in the Phoenix valley of Arizona, and we know all too well the importance of flooring that won’t affect your energy bill. When thinking about the materials to install for your projects, taking your local area into account can be helpful.

If you reside in a warmer climate, vinyl and tile flooring can provide a relief from the insulation that carpet brings to a room. Heat rises, and the cooler your floors can be, the less you’ll be reaching for the thermostat.

If you reside in a cooler climate, avoiding vinyl and tile for bedrooms will ensure that your Winters are more comfortable. There’s nothing we like more than to keep our extremities warm when the temperatures are chilly, and carpet allows natural heat to stay in the room.

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