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RMI hosts second annual “March Madness Public Speaking Tournament”

Over the past four weeks, RMI employees across the U.S. went head-to-head for a shot at winning our second-annual RMI March Madness Public Speaking Tournament. In what has quickly become tradition, 48 employees competed in a one-on-one, bracket style competition of short speeches.

Competitors were given a week to prepare for each round and speeches were judged by volunteers from the community. Thank you judges! This year’s topics ranged from company values to quotes and readings to “What did 2020 teach you?” At the end of each round, speeches were scored and winners announced until a champion was named.

Why a public speaking tournament? The RMI team is committed to living our mission statement: “We are more than a flooring company. We are a place to learn and a place to grow. RMI is in the business of creating opportunities [and] building leaders”. Participation is not required but is encouraged, giving every employee an opportunity to challenge themselves and try something new. Providing employees a platform for personal growth is a fundamental part of RM’s culture.

This year, the winner of our March Madness Tournament was Head of HR, Kris Andrewson! Kris joined RMI just under a year ago and was a first-time competitor this year. Calm, cool, and collected, she delivered her championship speech while on vacation in Sedona and will claim her cash, trophy, and bragging rights when she returns. Until rematches next year, we will continue to learn and grow, create opportunities, build leaders, and redefine what it means to be a flooring partner.

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