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RM Interiors Establishes Multifamily Service Division, Diversifies National Presence

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

RM Interiors (, one of the largest flooring and cleaning providers in the single-family housing industry, has announced plans to expand services into the multifamily housing sector. The expansion is bolstered by the addition of local multifamily sales teams in markets around the U.S., as well as the organization of a new multifamily division at RMI’s corporate headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona.

Historically, RMI has focused on partnering with large real estate investment and property management companies in the single-family rental arena. While the single-family rental industry remains at the core of RMI’s business, adding multifamily partnerships has felt like a natural progression for the company, said James McCabe, RMI’s Executive Vice President of Multifamily Sales.

“We’re extremely excited about this step,” McCabe said. “We’ve been able to take a lot of the things that have worked for us in the single-family space and merge them with our new multifamily teams and processes, and we’re hitting the ground running. It’s an exciting time at RMI. There’s been a lot of change and growth this year, and we’re looking forward to more of that heading into 2021.”

The plan to offer flooring installation, carpet cleaning, and post-construction cleaning services to multifamily partners comes on the heels of RMI’s recent product launch announced in August of this year. In early 2020, RMI also announced the implementation of a proprietary workflow management system to more efficiently organize and simultaneously complete projects nationwide.

“Our single-family business is still very strong and it will continue to be,” Said Cooper Wagner, Head of Business Development, “We’re just expanding our reach. Our processes are better than they’ve ever been and we have more representation in individual markets than we’ve ever had before. We honestly believe that we’re a partner to our customers and we want to expand who we’re offering that to.”

About RM Interiors

RM Interiors, also known as RMI Flooring, is currently one of the fastest growing flooring installation and carpet cleaning providers in the country, operating in 15 states with plans to expand. They offer consumer retail locations in nine major markets while the majority of their business is done with REIT, iBuy, property management, and residential construction accounts in single and multifamily rental markets across the United States. For more information, visit

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