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RM Interiors Introduces First End-to-End Workflow Solution for Automated Job Management

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

RM Interiors (, a national full-service flooring installation and cleaning company, has rolled out a new internal tech-based solution to track and monitor jobs in progress across the nation. The web-based rules engine analyzes customer and property data to move jobs automatically through a series of steps on their way to completion. The new software allows team members to better track the progress and upcoming needs of each job on their dashboard; the goal being to increase the speed and accuracy with which each job is completed.

“We’ve identified 12 distinct steps that each job has to go through from the time we receive the order, through the scheduling and installation process, all the way up to billing and closing the job. As industry leaders, it’s important to us to know exactly where we are in that process with every single job, at all times. This update is allowing us to do that faster and more accurately.” Says J.J. DuPuis, Vice President of Operations.

“We feel like our technology-focused approach in the service industry is really something that sets us apart.” says Randy Foster, Director of Digital Solutions. The new technology is currently being tested in select accounts across the nation with plans of being fully implemented by May of 2020.

About RMI Flooring RM Interiors, also known as RMI Flooring, is one of the fastest growing flooring installation and carpet cleaning providers in the country, currently operating in 15 states with plans to expand their business by nearly double in 2020. They offer consumer retail locations in nine major markets while the majority of business is done with REIT, iBuy, property management, and residential construction accounts in rental markets across the United States. For more information, visit

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